Thursday, February 14, 2008

Getting It All Done

I've wanted nothing more for most of my life than to write a novel. I have a loose outline in my head and some big chunks completed, yet I find myself putting it off constantly. Here are a few reasons I think I do it:

1. Other projects for clients take priority.
2. By the time I'm done with those other projects, I'm too pooped or have too many household chores to finish up.
3. It's "me" time. As people with families--especially small children--know, "me" time is often a scarcity. And if there's time, I feel guilty taking it anyway.

How do you deal with procrastination? Taking "me" time, guilt-free? Working on your own projects that may very well pay off in the end, but aren't putting food on the table right now? I need help getting the discipline it takes to finish something just for myself. And then maybe I'll get around to decorating these stark white walls with paintings...

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